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Fashion Weeks TV - Olivier Rousteing

10 Milestones from Olivier Rousteing's Decade at Balmain

Fashion Weeks TV - Pierre Balmain

Pierre Balmain´s iconic on-screen costume designs



Fashion Weeks TV - Momentos vanguardistas da Haute Couture

The 12 Most Avant-Garde Moments in Haute Couture History

Whether it be picturesque locations or exaggerated silhouettes, the world of Haute Couture has produced dozens of exhilarating runway moments.

Fashion Weeks TV - Pierre Cardin

5 Times Pierre Cardin Influenced High Fashion

From Moschino to Balmain, the futuristic designer had a major influence on some of fashion's biggest names.

Fashion Weeks TV -

The History of the School Girl Uniform: How Functionality Became Fashionable

Designed to instill social order, this timeless style continues to reign over mainstream fashion and pop culture today.

Fashion Weeks TV


Fashion Weeks TV - Ralph Lauren
News Abril/2021
Ralph Lauren | All or Nothing at All

The Ralph Lauren Spring 2021 collection debuts with an immersive fashion experience, featuring an exclusive performance from Janelle Monáe

Fashion Weeks TV - Versace
News Abril/2021
 Versace - Fashion Show

The iconic Greca is reinvented for Fall-Winter 2021 as a dynamic and immersive 3D maze that feels like you can step right into it.

Fashion Weeks TV - Dolce Gabbana
News Abril/2021
Dolce Gabbana - The new #DGSS21 Campaign

Campaign inspired by Sicily and the contrasts that render it unique.

Fashion Weeks TV - 'In Bloom' – Burberry SpringSummer
News Abril/2021
Burberry Spring / Summer 2021

PIntroducing 'In Bloom' – Burberry Spring/Summer 2021. Photographed within the scenography of the Spring/Summer 2021 show, models immersed
in nature are juxtaposed with classical raw studio shots.

Fashion Weeks TV - Chanel
News Abril/2021
The Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear Campaign — Chanel

Charlotte Casiraghi, the new Chanel ambassador and spokesperson, embodies the campaign for the Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear

Fashion  Weeks TV - Zendaya for Valentino
News Abril/2021
 Zendaya for Valentino

The modern Diva is a complex character of codes, upheld by inner values.

Christian Louboutin

We’ve upgraded you to first class. From Paris to Loubiville, get ready to fly over the
Fall-Winter 2021 collection in style. 

Films to Fulfill Your Period Fashion Fantasies

The costume design alone make these period films worth watching.
Its been over a year since the start of the pandemic, and the desire to escape reality is still as real as the Coronavirus itself.
Perhaps this is why on-screen period pieces like Bridgerton and Peaky Blinders have become so wildley popular, because they offer versions of the real world minus COVID. Or maybe the fascination is a result of the various eras of fashion being expertly recreated by the costume designers of these shows. It is likely a combination of the two, but either way period-inspired clothing seems to be resonating as a trend throughout the many facets of fashion.

From corsets to costume jewelry, Instagram makeup artist accounts, and even Paris Fashion Week collections, people are determined to dress like their favorite old-fashioned characters.
But there are only so many times you can re-watch The Crown before the outfits become like memory.
Luckily, period films have been around since before Audrey Hepbrun in My Fair Lady, so there are plenty of other movies to satisfy your vintage fashion cravings. For starters, check out these period films, whose costume designs are sure to keep you entertained from home.

Fonte: Lofficiel Eua


Fashion Weeks TV - Marie Antoinette (2006)
Movie Abril/2021
Marie Antoinette (2006)

Fashion Weeks TV -The Queen (2006)
Movie Abril/2020
The Queen (2006)
Fashion Weeks TV -Anna Karenina - Movie
Movie Abril/2021
Anna Karenina (2012)
Fashion Weeks TV - Les Misérables (2012)
Movie Abril/2021
Les Misérables (2012)
Fashion Weeks TV - Phantom Thread (2017)
Movie Abril/2021
Phantom Thread (2017)
Fashion Weeks TV - The Favourite (2018)
Movie Abril/2021
The Favourite (2018)

Fashion Weeks TV - Emma (2020)
Movie Abril/2021
Emma (2020)

Fashion Weeks TV - Black Bottom de Ma Rainey (2020)
Movie Abril/2021
Black Bottom de Ma Rainey (2020)

Gastronomy Gucci

 Carbonara | Cooking with Gucci Osteria Chef Mattia Agazzi

Mattia Agazzi, Chef at #GucciOsteria Beverly Hills, presents an authentic version of the famous Roman pasta, “Spaghetti alla carbonara”, with slightly crunchy pancetta, fresh egg yolks, equal measures of pecorino and parmesan cheese, and crushed black pepper to finish.

“At a time when no one can travel, I want to transport people to Italy through their kitchens to make one of the most famous dishes in Rome. Nothing compares to sitting on the terrace of a Roman restaurant, rolling a carbonara noodle with your fork, while life in the city takes place around you. May this recipe transport you to the wonderful and spontaneous chaos and beauty of Rome. ”

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