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The History of Swarovski

The Austrian crystal company has been creating luxurious and innovative designs since 1895.

There’s no jewelry company quite like Swarovski. The Austrian brand has been refining crystals since it was first founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski. Since then, the iconic crystals have been worn by celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé as the brand secured its place as one of fashion’s most luxurious collaborators.


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Swarovski’s Early Days

When Swarovski first founded the company, he had invented a machine that cut crystals more accurately than ever before. He registered for the patent in 1891 and moved to Austria to begin crystal production. In the 1900s, Parisian ateliers began to notice Swarovski which inspired designers like Coco Chanel. Swarovski created the Tyrolit Group, a manufacturing company for grinding, drilling, and polishing tools in the 1910s and soon enough the brand began to take off.
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Daniel Swarovski.

Growing Demand

In the 1920s, Swarovski crystals began to pop up everywhere. The company took advantage of the flapper movement which increased demand for their designs and the crystals decorated everything from American jazz halls to dresses to Parisian couture houses. The jewelry company made its first silver screen debut in Blonde Venus in 1932 as actress Marlene Dietrich wore a dress dripping in Swarovski crystals. The company also created the Swarovski Optik sector in the 1940s which continues to produce binoculars, telescopes, and other optical instruments to this day.
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Business Booms

By the 1950s, Swarovski was practically inescapable. The company collaborated with French designer Christian Dior while Spanish fashion house Balenciaga used Swarovski crystals in its Haute Couture collection. The crystals began to dominate the silver screen as Monroe adorned herself in Swarovski jewelry in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The jewelry was then featured in Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Audrey Hepburn and once again on Monroe for her iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress, which was recently worn by Kim Kardashian.
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A New Era

The ’70s and ’80s ushered in a new chapter for Swarovski as they introduced classic Swarovski items and opened up their first boutique. The company began to manufacture figurines and created the first annual limited-edition Christmas ornament in 1991 which is a tradition that continues to this day. In 1989, the jewelry company replaced its old logo with the classic swan logo that we have come to know as uniquely Swarovski. Swarovski then invented the bespoke textile which went on to be used by Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, among countless others.
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Icon Status

By the 2000s, Swarovski was cemented as one of the world’s most beloved jewelry companies. The crystals appeared on celebrities at award shows, on television specials, in ballets, and on the stage of the Oscars which the brand continues to decorate every year. But this was not the end of innovation for Swarovski. The company created the Swarovski Waterschool which helps ensure access to clean water and launched the Atelier Swarovski which collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld for a couture crystal collection.
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2022 Oscars stage

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It’s been 127 years since Swarovski was founded and the company has retained its charm. Swarovski continues to consistently create luxurious crystals, adding sparkle to the outfits of some of the world’s most influential figures. We’re not sure what’s next for Swarovski, but we cannot wait to find out.
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The Queen

20 Fascinating Facts About Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation

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69 years since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned

On June 2, 1953, a 27-year-old Elizabeth Windsor was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey in London. The historic event not only involved a transition of monarchs but revolutionized the media as the first televised coronation. Those who binged The Crown will be familiar with how the service unfolded, but might not know that Jackie Kennedy made the guest list or which crown jewels the Queen wore. Here, discover the 20 most interesting facts about the Queen’s coronation, in honor of the event’s 69th anniversary.
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1. Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was on June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey,
making her the 39th Sovereign to be crowned there.
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2. Queen Elizabeth II was the first Sovereign to accede to the throne while abroad in over 200 years—she was in Kenya at the time her father died, making her next in line for the throne. She had techically been Queen for over a year before she was officially crowned.
3. The all-white coronation bouquet is composed of orchids from Wales and England, lilies-of-the-valley from England, stephanotis from Scotland, and carnations from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.
4. British fashion designer Norman Hartnell designed the Queen's coronation dress, a white satin gown with silver and gold embroidery.
5. Queen Elizabeth II's grandmother Queen Mary was the first Queen to see a grandchild ascend to the throne—however,
she passed away before Queen Elizabeth's coronation.
6. The coronation service lasted almost three hours.
7. The service is composed of six parts: the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture, the enthronement, and the homage.
8. Over 8,000 guests were present at the Queen's coronation.
9. The coronation chair, St. Edward's chair, was made in 1300 for Edward I and has been used in every coronation since.
10. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned with The St. Edward's Crown, made in 1661 of solid gold with rubies, amethysts, sapphires,
garnet, topazes and tourmalines. It also features a royal purple velvet cap.
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11. The Queen was also crowned with the Sovereign's Orb, also made in 1661. The piece of regalia is made of gold, nine emeralds,
18 rubies, nine sapphires, 365 diamonds, 375 pearls, one amethyst and one glass stone, according to The Crown Chronicles.
12. Queen Elizabeth II was also bestowed with The Wedding Ring of England during the coronation ceremony.
The bauble is placed on the fourth finger of the Sovereign during the ceremony.
13. The Sovereign's sceptre, offered to the Queen at the coronation, features a 530.2 carat diamond,
the world's largest top quality cut white diamond.
14. The event made broadcasting history as the first televised service, made accessible by BBC.
15. Out of the 36 million people in the U.K., 27 million watched the coronation on television.
16. The event sparked international interest, with representatives from over 129 nations were present at the coronation.
17. First lady Jacqueline Bouvier (now known as Jackie Kennedy) was present at
the coronation, working as a journalist for the Washington Times-Herald.
18. Now a popular sandwich filling, Coronation chicken was invented as a refreshment for foreign guests at the event.
The dish is composed of cold chicken in a curry powder and mayonnaise cream sauce.
19. After the coronation, the Queen wore the Imperial State Crown and the Purple Robe of Estate on her way back to Buckingham Palace.
The robe, embroirdered with the cipher of the Queen, wheat ears, and olive brances, took 3,500 hours to make.
20. Nearly 30,000 men were part of the procession back to Buckingham Palace, mainly from the Army,
along with the Navy, police officers, troops, and more.
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